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New Netflix Releases for June 30, 2015


The Drop

A Brooklyn bartender gets drawn into a web of criminal activity after a robbery at his bar -- which is a hub for money laundering -- goes wrong. If you're trying to steer clear of trouble, working with mob money probably isn't the best idea.

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The Hunger Games

In a dystopian future, teens Katniss and Peeta are drafted for a televised event pitting young competitors against each other in a fight to the death. The nation's pastime is blood sport: Kids fighting kids to the death. One girl aims not to win, but to SURVIVE.

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The Maze Runner

In a postapocalyptic future, a group of teenage boys are trapped in a mysterious community where they must solve a giant maze in order to survive.

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Ralphie May: Imperfectly Yours

Comedian Ralphie May takes to the Las Vegas stage with his raw, rollicking take on men's fashion, racism, sex and even waffles. Filmed live in 2013. Get ready to squirm a little and laugh a lot as Ralphie May goes deep on everything from the crass to the political.

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Ruby Sparks

To overcome his writer's block and his romantic frustrations, a young novelist writes about his dream girl -- and is stunned when she comes to life. A writer creates his ideal girl. Then she becomes real. Life is stranger than fiction, especially when it is fiction.

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The Sapphires

The spirit and vitality of 1960s soul music are at the core of this film about a real-life Australian aborigine singing group and their bumpy career. Their voices harmonize a lot better than their personalities do, but no family business is ever easy.

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New Netflix Releases for June 27, 2015



In order to keep her job at a biomedical engineering firm that prizes youth, a middle-aged woman must submit to a drastic experimental procedure. In her profession, getting older isn't an option. Science has a solution, but it requires the ultimate sacrifice.

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The Sleepwalker

As Kaia works to restore her childhood home, she gets a visit from her estranged sister, and recriminations old and new soon enter the women's lives.

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New Netflix Releases for June 26, 2015


Danger Mouse - Season 10

Follow the adventures of superspy Danger Mouse and his bumbling sidekick, Penfold, as they jet around the world foiling their enemies' evil plots.

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Dragons: Race to the Edge - Season 1

From the creators of How to Train Your Dragon comes an all-new Netflix original series that takes Hiccup and Toothless to the edge of adventure! What do you do when riding your dragon around a peaceful island gets old? Look for more dragons…

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Hasee Toh Phasee

Nikhil is tasked with keeping his fiancée's troublemaking sister, Meeta, from ruining his wedding. But in the process, the two become inseparable.

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Magical Universe

This documentary explores the world of endearing octogenarian Al Carbee, who spends his time photographing intricate dioramas featuring Barbie dolls.

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New Netflix Releases for June 25, 2015


God of Cookery

After being exposed as a fraud, self-proclaimed "God of Cookery" Sik San sets out to perfect his craft and legitimately claim the title.

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King of Comedy

In this hilarious spoof on the John Woo/Chow Yun Fat heroic bloodshed films, funnyman Stephen Chow (who also directs) stars as a movie extra who thinks he's the greatest actor in the world; he just needs to catch his big break.

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My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes

Discover the true story of Italian cycling champ Gino Bartali and his compatriots who risked their lives to save Italian Jews from the Nazis. He was a national idol for winning the Tour de France. But his true heroism came to light decades later.

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Tai Chi Master

Junbao and his friend Chin Bo are raised as monks in a Shaolin monastery. But after being wrongfully accused of fighting with weapons, both are banished from the temple and go their separate ways.

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